A Fresh Start for Saraswati

Saraswati 300Early one morning, residents sleeping at a hostel in Koppal, India awoke to the sound of a crying baby. When the crying persisted, a group was able to track down the source of the commotion — an abandoned two-day-old baby with a cleft lip and palate.

They knew that they needed to help the severely malnourished child, so they started calling local government offices and charities. After several failed attempts, the dying child was rushed to local Smile Train partner SDM Medical College. There the baby’s caretakers received counseling on special feeding techniques for children with clefts as well as medicine to keep the baby healthy. It was that day Saraswati was named after a Hindu goddess with healing and purifying powers.

After months of hard work, Saraswati became healthy enough for her Smile Train sponsored free cleft lip surgery. Then, several months later, she received her cleft palate surgery.

Recently, a couple looking to adopt a child met Saraswati. They fell in love with her and said that she had the perfect smile. The baby who was previously abandoned and left for dead now has a fresh start and a second chance at life with her new parents.


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