University of Cincinnati’s Greek Community Raises 58 Smiles at Ginger Greek 2015


University of Cincinnati’s Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity recently held their 5th Annual Ginger Greek Competition to raise funds for Smile Train. Ginger Greek is a holiday-themed philanthropy that invites student organizations to compete in a holiday movie trivia night, a Santa run, and ginger bread house competition over a three day period.

More organizations are attending Ginger Greek every year and the event is quickly becoming a campus institution. This wildly successful event started with humble beginnings, as an idea from former Sigma Phi Epsilon president, and former cleft patient, Mark Kroger. Mark wanted to raise funds for children living with unrepaired clefts and realized that the holidays were the perfect time to bring people together in the spirit of giving.

The fraternity has continued the tradition with the help of Mark’s younger brothers, who also became members of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. “Over the past five years our fraternity has helped children, who we’ll never meet, have the opportunity to live a more normal life,” said Mark.

Ginger Greek 2015, raised enough for 58 new smiles. Smile Train would like to thank the Kroger family, University of Cincinnati students, and the brothers at Sigma Phi Epsilon, for changing the world one smile at a time.

IMG_7822IMG_7828Santa Run


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