Monesta’s Wonderful Smile

Monesta 6 months

Monesta is six months old and she was born with cleft lip. She traveled with her mother, Pili, a distance of 200km by bus to arrive at local Smile Train partner hospital CCBRT.

IMG_9717Monesta is the 5th child of Pili, a 29 years old Tanzanian woman from a farming family. When Pili gave birth to Monesta at their home, she was surprised when she saw her newborn’s cleft lip. Pili had seen other children living with unrepaired clefts so she was unaware that surgery to repair her daughter’s cleft was even an option.

When Monesta was four months old, Pili took her to a local dispensary and the medic there told her about Smile Train and how her daughter’s cleft could be repaired at no cost to her.

Pili and Monesta arrived at CCBRT on March 14. They spent five days in the hospital and Smile Train’s local partner surgeon, Dr Wayi, performed Monesta’s cleft repair surgery. Pili was so happy with the results and there was very little swelling. You can now see just how much Monesta loves her new smile as she beams brightly in every photo taken of her since her surgery.

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