Mother’s Day Letter Of Thanks

This was a letter written by a patient’s mother thanking everyone involved in her child’s cleft surgery.


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“Myself Dr. Vaijayanti was a mother of cleft palate baby. But now she is no more a cleft palate baby, all thanks to Dr. Nitin Mokal and his team, the Smile Train foundation and the kind aid of your institution. Dr. Nitin Mokal is such a simple and humble human being, yet so efficient, dedicated and loving towards his patients. I really appreciate the kind work is has been doing to eradicate cleft palate, because I cannot put it in words how it feels to be a mother of cleft lip or cleft palate baby, but his magic hands does the miracle. May God bless him.

I really want to thank all the staff who extended such wonderful care to my baby. My 3 day stay with my baby going through the surgery became easier because of all the help received from the staff nurses and Maushi’s. Specially Sister Rihana for her kind and loving gratitude and special attention towards my baby. The Doctor RMO’s are very kind and loving.

I really cannot thank enough, just want to say God bless you all. Big thank you and lots of love from my baby Niyati”
– Dr. Vaijayanti


One thought on “Mother’s Day Letter Of Thanks

  1. So beautiful. I am an adult with a repaired cleft lip and palate and also a speech therapist. So proud of Smile Train.

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