Dolly’s Real World Fairy Tale

The day Dolly was born, her mother died due to post-partum complications. Dolly’s father, Ranjeet, grieved the death of his late wife and was shocked to learn that his daughter had been born with a bilateral cleft lip. Completely devastated, Ranjeet decided it would be best for Dolly to be raised by her grandparents.1dolly preop

For eight years, Ranjeet worked as a farmer and saved his wages. But at less than $2 a day, he was sure he would never be able to afford the surgery his daughter needed. For years, Dolly lived with an unrepaired cleft and never attended school. She was teased, taunted and called terrible names.

A family member, living 40 miles away in Radrapur found out about Smile Train and our partner hospital in the region, Futela Hospital. As soon as the family learned of the free cleft surgery program, they boarded a bus, and, after a consultation, Dolly got the new smile she so desperately needed.

Dolly’s father, Ranjeet, is now happy to say that Dolly is currently attending the Genius School Academy and is taking full advantage of her second chance at life. He says, “Dolly is a happy kid, she has two best friends and nobody dares to call her any names other than her own.”

Dolly 2


One thought on “Dolly’s Real World Fairy Tale

  1. i am in love with pll i can not believe charles is a it is so crazy i can not wait for he new season omg i really hope i win the prize and i love you kids i hope you get treated right and if a kid is mean to you that they are actully jelous so i lov yall i hope i win and i hope you guys live well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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