A Letter of Thanks Sent From Big Mountain

Lu Hejing, Guisheng, and Dr. Li after surgery.

Yunnan Province, ChinaA volunteer from Taiwan, writes a letter to a Smile Train Partner Doctor thanking him for helping an 11-year-old boy born with a cleft lip.

Dear Doctor Li,

This is a letter of thanks sent from my inner heart. Thanks to your medical skills and meticulous arrangements, surgeries in Kunming are running smoothly. Thank you so much!

A boy named Guisheng turned eleven this year, but he is only in his second year of primary school. Both of his parents have been limited because neither of them can read or write, and they work as farmers who struggle to make ends meet. The family originally had one large piece of farmland for growing corn, but due to continuous droughts in Yunnan Province they had to move to find a source of water. This move cost them money that they didn’t really have, and therefore they had no money left to build their own house.

Despite their financial problems, the family still blames themselves for not being able to give Guisheng an operation to fix his cleft. They have been saving up money and trying to get loans ever since he was born, but all they have gotten is 300 Yuan which is equal to less than $50 US dollars. When they found out about Smile Train, and that Guisheng could receive surgery for free, they still insisted on arranging their own transportation to and from the hospital, and paying for their own food at the hospital. They said this was important to them because they respect and cherish this precious opportunity for free treatment.

After Guisheng’s surgery was completed, his family was so grateful that they could barely even look at me while leaving the hospital. One morning when I woke up a voice suddenly popped out in my heart, telling me that this was why I had chosen to come to Yunnan. Sincere gratitude, Doctor Li!

Yours truly,

Lu Hejing
Volunteer from Taiwan
Lijiang, Yunnan Province

Guisheng waiting for surgery.

Guisheng waiting for surgery.

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