Mohd Returns Home

Little Mohd at home with his mother (Mummy) and father.

Little Mohd happy at home with his mother (Mummy) and father.

Mohd before

Mohd before

Jodhpur, India–Little Mohd Waris was brought to Raj Dadiji Hospital in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India with a bilateral cleft lip and cleft palate. The hospital staff noticed that Mohd was accompanied by an older woman and not his parents, who would presumably be much younger. Curious, they asked the woman about the boy’s parents and found out that Mohd’s mother was ill-treated by her in-laws because her child was born with a cleft. Due to the pressure from her husband’s family, Mohd’s mother left him with the older woman, his maternal grandmother.

His 55-year-old grandmother had only one thing to say to the Smile Train doctors at Raj Dadiji Hospital, “Make my child look like a healthy normal human being so that he can live with his mother.”

Mohd and his grandmother after surgery.
Mohd and his grandmother after surgery.

The Smile Train team provided Mohd with free cleft surgery and the day after, Mohd’s grandmother visited the hospital with his mother. Mohd’s mothered praised the surgeons, staff, and Smile Train and said, “Now, I can take my child with me.”

The young boy now lives happily with his mother and father, his paternal family accepting him with open arms.

One thought on “Mohd Returns Home

  1. Wow, as usual what an outstanding job by the Smile Train doctors. Having been in many hospitals in India seeing in person the before and after ,bilateral cleft is certainly one of the most disturbing sights to see. I am still amazed that this double cleft as it were can be fixed so beautifully .
    And I also pray , that the in laws will hopefully be nicer to the mom from now on. I am disturbed that primarily women are the ones to blame when children are born with these conditions. On my next trip I am going to look into this in a careful way because it is simply unacceptable to essentially blame the mother for this.
    I would also like to add that in the hundreds of cases that I have seen throughout India ,I was not aware while in the hospitals that there is this narrative going on,, just hopeful parents who are both ,in my experience lifted up to the stars by this remarkable surgery.

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