82 Years Young and Happier Than Ever

Tarma, Peru We recently received this update from our partners at CIRPLAST, Dr. Carlos Navarro and his wife Elvira, about Emilia Solorzano de Estrella who underwent free cleft lip surgery at the age of 82.

82-year-old Smile Train Patient Emilia with Dr. Navarro and team before and after free cleft lip surgery

“Emilia Solorzano de Estrella is a very pleasant 82 year-old lady, who was born with a cleft lip in Acobamba, Peru; in an anex town called Buenos Aires, near Huancayo. She never attended school.

“She lived with her parents until she was 30, and then she married at age 35 in a small town near the jungle, called La Merced, in the Chanchamayo district. She had only one son. She lived all of her adult life in the jungle until 1996, when she returned to her birth town near Huancayo. She is very active and still takes care of her 90 year old blind husband and her home: carrying wood for the stove daily.

“Many times she has wanted to fix her cleft lip, but never trusted doctors, because she was afraid she could die during surgery, and also because she was very poor and could not afford the expense. Plus doing the surgery in the jungle was almost impossible.

“Her married son has 4 children and lives with his family next door. Eventually, they heard of the Smile Train – Cirplast mission on the radio, and her son brought her to us in Tarma.

She was eager to have the surgery to fix her lip, and insisted that she only wanted “the lip put together” as she demonstrated by pinching her two lip segments together. She also wanted to have the surgery as soon as possible. We had all the tests done, and did her surgery at the beginning of our 120th mission (the fourth one in Tarma). The surgery was successful and she is now ‘the happiest and prettiest woman in the world’ and sends her blessings to the CIRPLAST team and to her ‘angel,’ Dr. Navarro.”

— Elvira Navarro

3 thoughts on “82 Years Young and Happier Than Ever

  1. Fantastic and what a lovely story – a very proud Mum and wife it just makes me tingle when I hear stories like this as I am so passionate about helping children and adults with cleft lips and palates and am now a parent contact along with a colleague of mine for CLAPA (Cleft Lip and Palate Association South West).

    • There are angels on earth and it seems that Dr. Navarro and his lovely wife are two such angels. I am so happy for Emilia and I know that she knows that she has been visited by angels.

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