Dedication and Growing Sustainability in Afghanistan

Smile Train partner surgeron Dr. Said Aolfat Hashimi

Kabul, Afghanistan — He’ll probably never win the Nobel Peace Prize or grace the cover of TIME Magazine, but Dr. Said Aolfat Hashimi is a hero in the truest sense of the word. A plastic surgeon with the talent to live the high life anywhere in the world, he chose to stay in his native Afghanistan and provide free surgery to the impoverished.

In a country that has known far too much violence and bloodshed, Dr. Hashimi and his team at CURE International Hospital, Kabul are creating smiles, sustainability, and the hope for a better future. A partner since 2006, Dr. Hashimi’s team has provided over 2,000 free cleft surgeries. This past quarter was their best ever, as they provided over 180 free cleft surgeries.

Dr. Hashimi has also begun to train another plastic surgeon. His training has been going exceptionally well and expectations are high that he will soon be an official Smile Train partner surgeon. Together, they are driving our programs in Afghanistan and providing hope to children, their families, and a nation.

Check out this video of Dr. Hashimi discussing clefts and how surgery impacts the lives of our patients and their families.

3 thoughts on “Dedication and Growing Sustainability in Afghanistan

  1. I am a dental hygienist (haven’t practiced in 20 years but I have kept up my continuimg education and maintned my license) and I also sponsor children in an orphanage in Kabul. I have always thought that I would one day like to become a Smile Train Volunteer…and, because of my “special interests” there, Kabul would seem to be the perfect place (although I do have safety concerns that would have to be addressed). How might I go about learning more?

  2. As with all of Duncan Quirks postings about these remarkable doctors we see truly gifted surgeons who rather than choose a life of relative ease and high fees choose instead to make a difference in the country of their birth and perform resurrecting miracles daily.Thank you ,I always truly enjoy reading these postings that you make

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