Teamwork: Smile Train’s First Surgeries in the Republic of the Congo

Smile Train charity teamwork free cleft lip and palate surgery.

Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo — Smile Train’s goal is to make sure that every child born with a cleft in the world has the opportunity to live a full and productive life, and the only way to accomplish this is through teamwork. Smile Train supporters provide us with the funds which we distribute to our network of partner hospitals, surgeons and hospital staff who work together in and out of the OR to give children new lives. Nowhere is this more evident than in our first operations in the Republic of the Congo.

Earlier this month, three of our best partners in Africa, Jooko Cleft Association (Senegal), AMREF (East Africa), and Sourire a la Vie (Cote d’Ivoire), visited the Republic of the Congo to provide free cleft lip and palate surgery and provide advanced training to a local surgeon and medical team. This mission was organized by Ms. Julienne Johnson of the Congolese organization FELBO. At Albert Leyono Clinic in Brazzaville, the team performed 50 life changing free cleft surgeries in 5 days and worked with the Clinic’s staff to start the training process to become a full time Smile Train partner.

In honor of their exceptional teamwork and the hope that Albert Leyono Clinic will one day become an official partner, we put together this poster featuring their patient, one-year-old Mesange Nsona. Visit Smile Train’s Facebook page to set the full sized version as your Facebook timeline cover and show you’re a part of the Smile Train team.

5 thoughts on “Teamwork: Smile Train’s First Surgeries in the Republic of the Congo

  1. Fantastic picture of a little girl with a new lease on life! As a lifelong armchair traveler,i Have ventured into the somewhat “Heart of Darkness” aspect that reflects the physical challenges of merely surviving life in the Congo.Kudos to Smile Train for starting up operations there,I just can’t believe it,but ilke this charity seems to do miraculously time and again .One amazing story after another.Thanks Duncan,,I am back in India,have done one performance and am helping little by little to lift peoples spirit with music.I wish I had the Chutzpah to go to the remarkable center you wrote about in Pakistan.As you pointed out,writing these pieces is a great aspect to your job,,,,keep it up and the amazing work of Smile Train.

    Paul Peabody

    • The surgical mission has been organized by FELBO which is a Congolese Foundation directed by Mrs Lucienne JONHSON.
      FELBO’s activities are dedicated specifically to needy children in Republic of Congo.

      President of Jooko Cleft Association

      Dr R.DIOP

      • Thanks for all of your great work and for this extra piece of information. I’ve updated the post to recognize FELBO and Mrs. Johnson’s major role in the project.

      • Hello Duncan,

        If I may, for Republic of Congo, the March 2012 mission was organized and facilitated not by Ms Lucienne Johnson but by Ms Julienne Johnson. We will appreciate if this correction can be done asap.
        Best Regards.
        David D Bell

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