Overcoming a Family’s Fears to Give Florcita a New Smile

Smile Train patient Florcita before and after free cleft lip surgery

Sullana, Peru — Whenever a child undergoes surgery, his or her parents are often nervous and a little scared — who wouldn’t be? For 5-year-old Florcita, who was born with a cleft lip and palate, her parents were so frightened about what could happen to her during surgery that they didn’t search for help to have her cleft repaired.

Fortunately, Florcita’s aunt had her own soft palate repaired by Smile Train and when she was discharged she went straight to Florcita. She convinced her family that there was nothing to worry about and that free cleft surgery would change Florcita’s life forever.

Florcita’s father quickly brought her to see Dr. Navarro and his team who went over Smile Train’s established safety protocols and checklists to alleviate his fears. Florcita’s cleft lip surgery went smoothly and when her lip heals she’ll be showing off a bright new smile. Extremely happy, her father praised the team and hopes that Florcita will be able to have her cleft palate repaired soon too as she starts her new life.

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