Never Not Funny Pardcast-a-Thon 2011 for Smile Train hopes to raise over $27,000!!

Los Angeles, California — On Friday, Nov. 25 at 6p.m. PST, the 3rd Annual Never Not Funny Pardcast-a-Thon kicks off for 12 hours of comedy and helping kids a world away. Hosted by Jimmy Pardo, Matt Belknap and Pat Francis, the award winning podcast is gearing up for their biggest event yet at ACME Theatre in Los Angeles.

Pardcast-a-Thon 2011 banner

An annual comedy tour-de-force, this year’s Pardcast-a-Thon featurs a round-robin of over twenty all-star comedy guests including Andy Richter, Sarah Silverman, Greg Behrendt, Walter Koenig from “Star Trek” and other surprise guests. Host Jimmy Pardo was recently on Conan to promote the event as well.

We caught up with Jimmy to catch up on all things Pardcast before the big show.

Never Not Funny's Jimmy Pardo proudly supports Smile Train

How did the Pardcast-a-thon come about?
Honestly, we just decided one day that we wanted to do a crazy long version of our show to raise money for Smile Train. We had done a contest earlier where listeners could bid to be a guest on the show and that money also went to Smile Train. We basically said “Let’s do a juiced up version of both those things,” and the Pardcast-a-Thon was born.

What made you choose “Black Friday” for the event?
It made the most sense. People are in the giving spirit around the holidays and that 4 day weekend also allows for people to fly in for the event.

Why did you and your team choose Smile Train?
It was a perfect storm of events…on a Sunday, I saw an ad for Smile Train and donated that day. The next day, Pardcast-a-Thon co-host Pat Francis came up with the idea to do the aforementioned listener contest with money going to ST… the timing seemed too perfect, so I have made it my charity of choice.

What is the most memorable event that has happened during the last 2 Pardcast-a-thons?
People always seem to bring up Jon Hamm of “Mad Men” coming in for his segment and then not leaving. He just kept coming back in and each time was funnier than the next. Of course, getting the hourly updates of the donations coming in is actually the biggest highlight.

The Pardcast-a-thon started as a six hour event and then doubled to 12. What was the biggest challenge in making that switch?
It was actually a 9 hour event that jumped to 12 hours. The biggest challenge was/is finding more comics, actors or musicians who are in town on a holiday weekend.

The lines between standup and podcasts are blurring and there are many comedians vying for the title of longest standup performance and even longest podcast. Do you and your team at Never Not Funny have any goals for those titles?
We actually don’t. Our goal is to raise money for Smile Train and have fun along the way. As much as I love the sound of my own voice, even I think 12 hours is enough!

For those that aren’t in attendance, will there be a video broadcast to see all of the action or is it audio?
Of course, we stream live at We received donations from all over the world last year. It’s great to be able to reach that many people at once and for such a great cause.

Without giving away your surprise guest list, is there anything listeners should expect this year?
Lots of talk about how tired we are at 4am.

What are your goals for this year’s Pardcast-a-thon?
We raised over $26,000 during last years event. According to telethon bylaws, we have to try and raise more than that. We are shooting for a realistic $27,000.

If you could meet any of the patients that you have helped, what would you say to them? How about children that are still waiting for surgery?
My guess is I would be so overcome with joy that I wouldn’t know what to say to a child that had it done. I think I would stress that no matter how they will appear with their new look, they were always beautiful and to never forget that!

A special thanks to Jimmy Pardo, Matt Belknap, Pat Francis, the Never Not Funny team, all of the celebrity guests, fans, and listeners of this year’s upcoming Pardcast-a-Thon!

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