Smile of the Week Obumneme Nwakpoke Update

Smile Train Smile of the Week Obumneme Nwakpoke

Abuja, Nigeria — Two weeks ago, four-year-old Obumneme Nwakpoke was our Smile of the Week. Our local Smile Train partner Ebonyi State University Teaching Hospital saw Obumneme’s “SOTW” pictures and recently reached out to us with a short update.

Obumneme was discharged a few days after his surgery and was brought home by his parents, Christopher and Grace. Obumneme is the second oldest of four, and his two brothers and sister were excited when he returned home, and even more so when they saw his new smile.

He has returned to his nursery school and his classmates no longer tease him about his lip. He’s making a lot of friends with his bright smile and happy, outgoing personality. While his parents were a little hesitant about what they let him eat when he first returned home, since he has healed, he has started eating his favorite food again: yams.

His parents wanted to thank the doctors, staff, donors, and everyone else who helped give Obumneme a new smile. On their behalf, and on behalf of all of our patients and their families, thank you to our wonderful partner doctors, hospital staff, and donors for giving so many children like Obumneme a second chance at life.

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