In Their Own Words: Smile Train India Parents Speak

Patna, Bihar, IndiaEveryday, thanks to our donors, Smile Train is able to change the lives of over 300 patients and their families. The translated stories below come directly from the parents of recent patients at Smile Train partner Rabia Basri Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.. Thank you to everyone who helps make changes like these happen everyday.

Kundan as told by his father:

Smile Train Cleft Patient Kundan

We were shocked at the birth of my son Kundan. Our grief was made worse because my mother refused to see him as her grandson. She said that he was the product of my past sins. As he got older, the kids in my village refused to play with him, saying that he was a dirty, evil boy. Kundan slowly started realizing that he was not like other kids. My wife and eventually my mother had accepted this as our fate. When we came to know about Smile Train and Rabia Basri Hospital, Patna, I decided to save money to get him to the hospital. There was stiff resistance in the family as it was presumed that God created him like this for a reason. I was adamant and refused to accept that he should suffer for things he hadn’t done. My wife and mother are very happy now. It is a new beginning for my son and I promise to send him to school and help give him a respectable position in society.”

Smile Train Patient SeemaSeema as told by her mother:

We are a very poor family. When my daughter Seema was born, instead of being happy, we were filled with sorrow after seeing her cleft lip. Sometimes, I started thinking of abandoning her to some ashram or at temple. I was worried about how she would get married or have a family when she grew up. My agony was further aggravated by village folks with the comments like these kinds of children bring bad fortune to the family. But being her mother, I couldn’t bare to do it and decided to look after her and kept on praying about her well-being. One fine day, a field officer from Rabia Basri Hospital came to our village and found us. I was very happy that God has listened to me. After the operation, I am very happy that my daughter will lead a normal life. Thank you all who made it possible.”

Smile Train Patient Sid KumarSid Kumar as told by his father, Rajnish Kumar:

When my son was born ,I was working in Gujarat. My father had a sweet shop in our village. When he got the news of the birth of my son he was so happy that he distributed all of the candy in the shop to everyone who was passing through that road. We he came to know the deformity of cleft lip in my son, he almost fainted. I was given the news of Sid’s birth but his cleft lip was kept secret from me. When I saved enough money to return home to see my son for the first time, I was shocked. Meanwhile, there was a camp of Rabia Basri hospital and Smile Train in Gopalganj that a neighbor knew of. I got the information and brought my son for the operation right away. After the operation, our family life has totally changed. I pray my son becomes a doctor so that he can also help those in need.”

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