1st Annual Michigan Adobo Cook Off for Smile Train

Grand Haven, MI –

Get your pots and pans ready and your stomachs growling.

The First Annual Michigan Adobo Cook Off for Smile Train is coming up in less than a month! Hosted by Matt and Luchi Nelson, all proceeds from the Adobo Cook Off will be donated to Smile Train to benefit children born with cleft lips and palates.

On August 27th, competitors will proudly showcase their culinary skills for the bragging rights that come with the title of Michigan’s Best Adobo chef. Lucky judges and attendees will be treated to amazing entries in both the classic style and modern creative twists to an old favorite.

Don’t know how to make the traditional Filipino dish? Check out the video below from Madeline Nelson and try your hand at a homemade delicacy:

While your Adobo is cooking, be sure to browse through these photos of lucky children who have been helped by Smile Train and remember that the proceeds of the Adobo Cook Off will be going to pay for free cleft surgery for others just like them.

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4 thoughts on “1st Annual Michigan Adobo Cook Off for Smile Train

    • Thanks for your support and the recipe!! You’ve done a great a job of highlighting the many tweaks and customizations for making Adobo, which should help everyone in the competition and our own kitchens:)

  1. What a awesome way to reach out to people… good food, good cleft repair… good life … better world to live in .Kudos to all !

  2. Thanks for the responses everyone…it’s my daughter in the video and my son did the filming. 🙂 The event is less than a week away and the donations have started coming in already. We are hoping for a great event! We are thrilled to be putting this on for both a celebration of Filipino culture and also a celebration of caring and the human spirit!

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