Dr. D. Ralph Millard, Jr., RIP

Ralph Millard Jr, RPIIt is with profound sadness that Smile Train has learned of the death of Dr. D. Ralph Millard, Jr. in Miami, FL on 19th June 2011 just a few weeks after his 92nd birthday. An exceptional plastic surgeon, a great writer and an outstanding human being, Dr Millard will always be remembered for his profound contributions to the field of cleft care.

In the field, Dr. Millard is specifically acclaimed for the rotation-advancement technique which he pioneered for repair of cleft lips that remains by far the most widely used. His three volume Cleft Craft is an epic that has educated several generations of surgeons. He will also be remembered for his great wit, a wacky sense of humor and an artistic streak that came through in his etchings on the margins of his books. A true giant of a man. We salute his memory and may his soul rest in peace.

Dr. Millard graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1944, interned in pediatric surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital and obtained his plastic surgery training at Barnes Hospital, Washington, the Straith Clinic in Detroit and Jefferson Davis Hospital in Houston, TX.

Dr. Millard was nominated as one of only 10 “Plastic Surgeons of the Millennium” by the members of the American Society of Plastic Surgery. He had been described as “the most brilliant and creative plastic surgeon we have… His work and publications speak for themselves.”

Dr. Millard’s obituary

The Dr. Ralph Millard Plastic Surgery Society & Education Foundation

10 thoughts on “Dr. D. Ralph Millard, Jr., RIP

  1. Dr Millards .legacy continues through the hands of those who benefited from his inovation and teaching.
    M. Samuel Noordhoffd MD FACS

  2. I’ve been through his Cleft Craft books during my training and he will always be remembered for his techniques and innovations.May he rest in peace.He will forever be mentioned in all cleft surgeries for his standard well-planned techniques.So long my idol.

  3. A heavy loss to cleft care. The ingenious shine of the graeat star would forever last in every rotation-advancement operation.

  4. oh, it is so regretful that I have no chance to visit him as a young surgeon, though I am in USA from CHINA. My advisor, Dr Bingshi, said Dr. Millard is one of the most respected surgeons.

  5. What a sad incidence. When I started exploring about cleft surgery as a young surgeon my mentor Dr. Rajesh Powar used to tell me to read Cleft Craft especially during night. After reading i came to know the reason. Such a wonderful book can be read after a tiring day as a novel which gives immense pleasure .
    Its a huge loss and Dr.Millard will be paid tribute through every single rotation advancement procedure at any corner of the world.

  6. Dr.Millard is one of the great doctors who contribute to our human being.I am greatly influenced through my professional life by his thought,his book.

  7. I first heard of Dr Ralph Millard Jr from the cleft lip/cleft palate support group in Daily Strength.org. His work on cleft surgery is well respected there and I see from quite a few other sources too. Plus of course the family members who benefit from his knowledge. His students as well.
    I was born with Waardenburg syndrome two. One of the features is cleft lip/cleft palate,

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