Watch Smile Train on the Daytime Emmys

Erik Estrada chats with Carlito, who will undergo his 2nd cleft surgeryCelebrities Dean Cain, Erik Estrada and Tatyana Ali recently joined Smile Train on a trip to Mexico where many children’s lives were forever changed by the care that Smile Train provided them with. Their trip is going to be featured on the 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, airing LIVE! Sunday, June 19th at 8pm EST on CBS, during a segment called Daytime’s Best Smiles.


Dean Cain and Dr. Rafa Ruiz RodriguezThe trip was an amazing success with three compelling stories emerging and dozens of children receiving free cleft surgery. Be sure to watch the Daytime Emmy Awards next Sunday; you can even find some fun ideas for a viewing party and a ballot for holding an Emmy pool on


Tatyana Ali said:

Tatyana Ali watches a cleft surgery in the OR

“I had never before considered how having a cleft palate affects every single aspect of a person’s life. In Mazatlan, I was truly humbled and experienced first hand the many ways that Smile Train is improving lives around the world. I saw people of all ages undergoing life-changing surgery. I saw local doctors being trained. It was incredible to know that this blessing would not be a one time occurrence, but a persisting force of undeniable good.”

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