Schools Around the World Supporting Smile Train

The school year may be coming to a close, but thanks to the hard work, dedication, and support of thousands of school children, the lives of countless Smile Train patients are just beginning.

Throughout the school year, over 200 elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges held special fundraisers to help provide desperate children with free cleft lip and palate surgery. Students all over the US, UK, and Europe found ways to show their support, creating smiles in their communities and Smile Train partner hospitals  a world away. Some students were either born with a cleft themselves or know someone else who was. They’ve participated in bake sales, talent shows, screenings of Smile Pinki, car washes, selling of wristbands , penny harvest collections and countless other activities selflessly devoting their time and energy to help kids in need in the poorest parts of the world.

I am so proud that a wee child can get a new smile that will last forever because everybody in my school brought in money for an operation.” Graham Taylor of Glasgow, Scotland

We’re just as proud of all of our school fundraisers and wish them the best as they prepare for the summer and the next steps in their lives.

On June 8, student representatives of participating schools in the New York City Project Boost program, run by CEI-PEA, braved the heat and gathered on the steps of City Hall to present a grand total of $17,000! Be sure to check out the short video highlight of the Project Boost Smile Train Presentation.

NYC Project Boost Schools Present Smile Train Donations from Smile Train on Vimeo.

On behalf of everyone here at Smile Train and all of our patients and their families, thank you to all of the schools and students that have worked so hard to give the gift of a smile.

One thought on “Schools Around the World Supporting Smile Train

  1. I am overwhelmed with how many young people found themselves wanting to raise money for other needy children. What a wonderful way for the next generation to start off! I believe Smile Train to be one of the most needed and honest charities in the world today. Aside from changing lives, as a supporter it is important to me that I know they keep up with the lasted medical technology and invite independent professionals to share knowledge and make sure that every penny donated goes as far as it can. Just one more reason why Smile Train is the best. I am going to pass this article along to friends because it brightened my day to be reminded of how giving the world can be.

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