Happy Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we here at Smile Train would like to say Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mothers that make Smile Train possible. The mother’s of our patients, our donors, and our partner doctors, nurses, and staff.  We care for children with cleft who represent the poorest of the poor and empower poor, but very proud local doctors to help their own communities every single day, and we couldn’t do it without you.

Smile Train patient Jiro with his mom after free cleft surgeryFew things are as heart-wrenching as looking into the eyes of a mother who has lost all hope for her child: believing that her son or daughter is doomed to a life of suffering due to the social stigma of being born with a cleft. However, nothing is more uplifting then seeing a mother as she looks upon her baby smile for the first time. This is true in the maternity ward and at our 1,100 partner hospital patient wards where Smile Train surgeries allow mothers to see their children smile for the first time in their lives after months and years of despair.

Mother’s Day is a time to reflect upon all the ways our mothers have impacted our lives and appreciate their devotion and love. While most of our patients have no idea about this Western holiday, they share some of the most profound examples of the bond between parent and child. Our partner hospitals consistently tell us stories of  mothers and fathers traveling hundreds of miles over days to reach them. Leaving the security and comfort of their villages with a faint hope that strangers they have never met can give their children new lives.

This Mother’s Day, you can give a smile to a pateint, his or her mother, and yours. In honor of all that your mother has done for you, please give hope to a mother of a child born with cleft. You can give her child a new smile and the whole family a new life.

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This weekend, give your mother something that will touch her heart and make her smile while it changes a child’s life forever.

With a couple clicks of your mouse you can make a donation in her honor and send an e-card with a unique message from you inside. And we promise you that when she opens your Smile Train e-card, and sees what you have done, she is going to smile.

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