Musicians Hitting the High Note for Smile Train!

New York – Over the last few weeks, numerous musicians and bands have raised the bar with special fundraisers to provide free surgeries for desperate children: using their talents to fund our talented partners so that every child can smile. In fact, so many musicians have come forward with their support that it almost seems like we have our own Smile Train record label. We’d like to give a big shout out to all of our wonderful supporters and spread the word about how they’re helping.

Jukebox the Ghost. Jesse Kristin, the drummer of this acclaimed Indie group was born with a cleft and has made it his mission to help others who aren’t as lucky as he was.

I was born with a cleft lip and palate and was extremely fortunate to have access to sensitive, talented, and passionate medical staff for over 17 years of my life, without which my childhood and early adolescence would have been entirely different.  This is just a very small way of giving back and helping kids who are in desperate need of the smallest bit of attention I was lucky enough to receive.

Jukebox the Ghost is performing on the Rombello Cruise from Sept. 29- Oct. 3 with other great acts and are generously raffling off a cabin for the cruise with all proceeds going to Smile Train.

Oksana Kolesnikova. A fan favorite of celebrities and throughout Beverly Hills, world renowned composer and pianist, Oksana, has recently released a special edition album to benefit the children in our programs.

As a mother, I know how precious your child’s smile is. The impact of removing a child’s facial deformity and giving them the beautiful smile they deserve is life-changing…and, it can happen in a handful of minutes! This gift creates such joy and restores hope for their entire family. I am honored to share my music with Smile Train. Please come aboard!

Ready for the Sunshine. Dr. Ralph Gonzalez of the band Luminet, has been supporting Smile Train for years,  culminating in the creation of a compilation album entitled, Ready for the Sunshine: Indie Artists for Smile Train. The band features major Indie artists as well as relatively unknown artists who have donated their songs so that all proceeds will from the album will go to create new smiles.

In 2009, I wrote a song for Smile Train and over the course of 18 months managed to secure donated tracks from established indie bands like Camera Obscura, Lloyd Cole, Taken by Trees, and Jens Lekman among others. The result is 15 lovely songs from around the world (admittedly mine is the weakest!) which most people will have not yet heard.

Andy Mason. Andy shares his musical skills with children throughout the world with his award winning concerts at schools, day cares, libraries, state fairs and if there’s one thing that Andy knows how to do, it’s smile. With his latest song, Smile! Andy hopes to create smiles for kids that will never see him perform and may never hear his music. All proceeds from the downloads of his new song go to Smile Train so that desperate children can know what its like to smile for the first time in their lives.

All of these wonderful musicians deserve a standing ovation and have our undying gratitude and thanks  for their efforts to help the kids in our programs!

For those that have been following some of our many amazing musicians as they create smiles for their fans and our patients, we’d like to share some exciting news.

Andy Mason is taking his Smile! on tour in 2 countries and 4 states! Be sure to check out the video for Smile! and remember that all sales of the song go to Smile Train:)

Oksana Kolesnikova‘s Smile Train benefit album continues to soar with proceeds already making their way to our partner hospitals to provide free surgeries!

Ready for the Sunshine, a stellar compilation from major Indie artists from around the world to benefit the children in our programs, is selling strong and blaring through the headphones of our Smile Train employees.

Jukebox the Ghost has created a new video to promote their raffle for Smile Train featuring their song “So Let Us Create.”