Esau from Bolivia

Fundacion Gantz, in Chile — a Smile Train partner since 2002 with over 1700 surgeries — sent us this story of a young mother from Bolivia who crossed the border to get free cleft surgery for her child.

“Esau came to our Foundation when he was almost a year old. He came alone with his mother from Bolivia, and had both his lip and palate untreated.”

When Esau was born, Yovana, his mother, was terribly worried, she knew nothing of clefts, and no one helped her. She even thought that Esau could die, as he had feeding problems.”

“A few weeks before traveling to Santiago, she knew, through another non profit organization, Chuqui Ayuda, of Fundacion Gantz and that treatments for clefts were possible. She sadly recalled the rejection of people when seeing her child.”

“Yovana was very surprised in Esau’s change after the adhesion and grateful for the prompt response.”

“We’ve enclosed the before and after pictures of Esau in his mother’s arms. Notice the colorful “aguayo” (baby sling) in which he is carried.”

One thought on “Esau from Bolivia

  1. What a beautiful smile on that baby- before and after! My sons first repair was at 3 months but I still remember his first wide smile and miss it!

    I know Mama is happy!

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